Leadership in Wildlife Conservation Course 2022

10-week eLearning programme
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Are you eager to enhance your skills and knowledge in conservation research and education, while developing leadership capacity? Utilising innovative pedagogy, we have customised a 10-week training course for early to mid-career conservationists, to offer you experiential learning on a digital platform for the burgeoning of future leaders of this industry.

Over 200 participants from 20 different countries in Asia and 10 countries from Africa have graduated from the Wildlife Conservation Course since its inception in 2014, while 170 conservationists have benefitted from the eLearning Wildlife Conservation Course, created in 2018 to hone skills required to transform research into impact. Building on those successes, our first-of-its-kind Leadership in Wildlife Conservation Course has integrated both their best features to advance you into the next phase of your career.

Consisting of weekly 3-hour synchronous virtual sessions and 3-hour asynchronous activities, we aim to apply what you learn and expand the horizons of your expertise on various topics. This course will incorporate serious games, adventure stories and real-world scenarios, which are proven to improve knowledge retention, increase intrinsic motivation and encourage bonds with other participants.

About Cedric Tan

Cedric K.W. Tan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in Conservation Education, University of Nottingham; Director of WildCRU’s Wildlife Conservation Courses 2016-2020, is an award-winning educator and published researcher. Cedric joined WildCRU in 2014 after completing his first postdoctoral research position and DPhil in Zoology at the Edward Grey Institute of Ornithology, University of Oxford. He is passionate about effective evidence-based applied ecology and education, which drives him to pursue both disciplines in innovative ways. Cedric has directed training courses in Malaysia, Africa, and China, nurturing hundreds of future leaders in conservation.

Other Speakers

Nurul Asna Hidayah


PhD candidate, University of Nottingham Malaysia; Co-tutor of WildCRU’s Wildlife Conservation Courses 2018-2020

Lhavanya Dharmalingam

Invited speaker

Program Officer, Bersih 2.0

Matthew Ashfold

Invited speaker

Associate Professor, University of Nottingham Malaysia

Why register for Leadership in Wildlife Conservation?


Highly interactive eLearning using Moodle and Microsoft Teams

Virtual experience

Immersive virtual experience integrated with a theme and storyline


Digital serious games using STEAM and Minecraft for learning


Covers a wide range of analytical to professional skills


Connected with other passionate participants and ex-participants

Programme Overview and Learning Outcomes

You will first learn how to develop research questions, then design data collection procedures, analyse the data and finally communicate the findings effectively.

The Programme will cover the following topics:

  • Conservation research: the scientific process
  • Study design for evidence-based practice
  • Statistics for evidence-based practice
  • Spatial analysis for management and monitoring
  • Population density estimation
  • Social issues in conservation
  • Effective communication for leaders
  • Policy and governance
  • Creating games and videos for research impact
  • Conservation leadership

Upon course completion, you should be able to:

  • Discuss political and social factors in wildlife conservation
  • Propose research questions, design an experiment or survey to collect data to answer these questions, and analyse spatial and statistical data in conservation
  • Create a game or video to effectively deliver a conservation message, at the same time evaluate the effects of this message
  • Demonstrate leadership skills for managing a conservation team

When will the course start?

  • Period of course: 30 July 2022 to 1 Oct 2022
  • Schedule of sessions: Synchronous sessions occur every Saturday 10am-1pm, Malaysian time. Additionally, participants are required to spend 3 hours on asynchronous activities every week
  • How the course is conducted: online using Moodle, Zoom and other web conferencing software
  • Cost: 4000 MYR. 10% discount (i.e. 3600 MYR is payable) will be given to participants who apply before 24 Jun 2022, 2359 Malaysian time
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